Assembly of First Nations Gets Behind KLCN


Assembly of First Nations Gets Behind KLCN

December 9, 2015

It was in the wee hours of Wednesday December 9 when Linette Calliou Hodges, Rights and Title Manager for KLCN, received the news that KLCN had been hoping for.

Back on the west coast, most of us were still sleeping - stirring every once in a while to check our phones in case an announcement had been made.

"It was scheduled to be on the floor this afternoon, but we received an email early this morning advising it had passed," says Hodges.

Chief Cliff Calliou (left) and National Chief Perry Bellegarde

Since 1996, Kelly Lake Cree Nation has worked tirelessly to pursue a modern agreement with the Government of Canada that will recognize KLCN's right to self government and affirm its Indigenous Title and Rights.

In late November this year, KLCN announced plans to travel to Quebec for the Assembly of First Nations gathering in Gatineau. Chief Cliff Calliou and a KLCN delegation made the trek in order to present the Chiefs-in-Assembly with an official request for support of KLCN's rights and title case.

Hodges says the resolution was passed by the British Columbia Chiefs Caucus in a late afternoon plenary session. 

Full Video - KLCN Resolution begins at 2:35:17