KLCN Partners with Northern Health for Healthier Communities

KLCN Partners with Northern Health for Healthier Communities

Through the Partnering for Healthier Communities program, Northern Health is committed to improving the health of communities through partnership and collaboration. Their role is to support communities in the development, coordination, implementation and evaluation of initiatives that aim to target local health issues and improve community health.

Northern Health plays a supportive role and can help individuals, groups and communities by listening to what they think, need and want. They work with the people, programs, and the community assets already in place, and they add skills, tools, resources and networks to support programs that make a difference in the community. 

Northern Health is working with Kelly Lake Cree Nation to provide support in developing goals that matter and bring value to our citizens. Northern Health can assist our communities in expanding community capacity, hosting learning events, and support the delivery of skill building seminars.

In addition, they can facilitate greater collaboration within the community, foster networking, connect communities with the expertise of other Northern Health departments and other community experts, offer funding through small grant calls, and link communities to other funding opportunities.

Kelly Lake Cree Nation delegates attended the recent Northern Health forum on May 3, 2016 in Dawson Creek. We have identified specific needs, including mental health, addiction, youth and elders support.

As a language specialist and learning assistance professional in the school system, Marlene Letendre has been supporting youth and children from Kelly Lake over the past decade. Our greatest community needs include language and cultural learning, the absence of which has created barriers to connecting with our identity.


Marlene Letendre, pictured above, leads the Kelly Lake Cree Nation delegation at the Northern Health Forum in Dawson Creek on May 3, 2016.  

Over the years a number of Aboriginal agencies have attempted to represent the Kelly Lake community and other communities where our citizens reside. Many of those agencies come from outside the community, and they have done little to assist our people. These agencies have received community funding, but somehow that funding has not translated into immediate and proper supports for the people who need help the most.

Northern Health is very aware of these challenges. KLCN proposes to provide its own professional resource team, with the help of our own educators, nurses, support aides and addiction counsellors. Northern Health will work to the best of their abilities to support KLCN's team.

We welcome Northern Health to the community in early June to speak about the existing supports and how they can support the broad community.